The Down Side To Sunshine

After all those years of summer and enjoying the beautiful warmth of the sun, our skin can be left damaged. Wrinkles, brown sun spots, you name it we are seeing it as we age. Sun exposure is the number one contributor to aging skin and that is why it’s so important to protect your skin from sun exposure the best you can. However, once the damage is done over the years you want to find a reliable and safe, yet beneficial product to deliver the results that we need to maintain the integrity of our skin.

I have fallen in love with Arbonne’s newly formulated Brightening line that targets just those things. The Re9 Advanced Aging Brightening Collection has been designed to improve the appearance of skin radiance, luminosity and tone. When used consistently these products offer a simple solution to healthy-looking, bright and flawless glowing skin. My absolute favourites in the line are the Serum and the Night Cream.

I love that without turning to harsh chemicals I can achieve results with a brand I trust, love and know I can rely on to be the safest on the market. How are you getting rid of what is left on you from summer?

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