9 Reasons To Get Married In Bali

Getting married is one of those events that ideally occur once in a lifetime. No wonder then that people want it to be special. One of the possible options to make a memorable day is the location. Traveling abroad is a common practice nowadays. Exotic locations are in vogue, and one island destination stands out in particular: the Indonesian island of Bali. You might wonder why Bali? Well, here’s a list of 9 reasons to get married there.

Exotic Destination

As we have already mentioned, Bali is widely considered as exotic. The landscape there is not even close to any scenery Europe or Australia can offer. White sand beaches crisscrossed with palm trees against the lush green of the interior make it the ideal photo opportunity.

The Wedding And The Honeymoon

In addition to being an alluring wedding destination, the island of Bali is a popular summer holiday tourist destination. If you book a wedding here, you can stay longer and have the honeymoon there as well. And why shouldn’t you, it’s an Eden-like location. You can surf, you can scuba dive, go cruising, the possibilities are endless. Or you can just simply seclude yourself in a jungle bungalow and enjoy the married life.

The Climate

It goes without question that your wedding is going to take place outdoors, so a mild climate is desirable. Bali has just what you need, with its summertime lasting all year round. It has a wet and a dry season so it is much easier to choose the perfect time slot. This gives you free rein when it comes to the timing of the ceremony, as every month can be a wedding month in terms of the weather.


Travelling to this remote island is as close as you’ll get to eloping. Tying the knot abroad means that not many friends and family will be able to come. This guarantees intimacy for the happy couple who don’t have to dabble with a larger ceremony and a meter long guest list. Those whom really care will be there for you. And once they leave you are left alone in paradise with your partner. Not bad, ha?


The most burdensome part of any wedding is the intricate planning. That is why many couples hire wedding planners. In Bali, this process is simplified since you can hire Bali wedding planners. By using local wedding planners, not only can you count on a customized wedding, but the whole process will go smoothly. In addition, it is much easier to get a booking here than in other places.

The Cost

Contrary to popular opinion, a wedding ceremony in Bali costs less than in Australia, for example. It is estimated that the cost of a wedding in this tropical paradise can be as four times lower than in other countries. The reason behind this is that there are many vendors on the island so there is stiff competition which lowers the price.


Talking about the right timing, the most attractive part of the day is dusk. Bali sunsets are truly unique, and if you bide the ceremony to end when the sun goes down the whole atmosphere will benefit.

The Local Legislation

Not only is the nature attractive, but the societal preconditions are favourable as well. The Indonesian marriage laws are practically tailored for wedding tourism, so other than paying an administration fee and an identification card, you don’t need much more.

Other Couples

Your ceremony will be intimate, but you won’t be the only couple on the island, There are many more brides and grooms since it’s a popular destination. You are likely to establish an international friendship with other newly-weds. In addition, many famous couples have recently decided to tie the knot there, such as Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins.

All in all, if you are considering getting married abroad, Bali is the perfect destination. Not only does it offer a breathtaking backdrop against which you can pronounce “yes,” but it is a modern destination with all the necessary logistics. The best part ensues after the ceremony: a honeymoon spent on a dream-like tropical island.

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