Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

Today’s message came through loud and clear. You need to build up your resilience and strong roots by becoming the fiercest most authentic YOU that you can become. I firmly believe it is your most important work…wouldn’t you agree? I mean, what could feel better than being SO YOU…SO strong and aligned in YOUR values…not living by anyone else’s standards but your OWN?

Imagine…that no matter what happens…whatever strong winds blow…you dear Leonie will be OK… more than OK….you will be AMAZING! You know why? Because when you keep building your authenticity muscle…you realize that all your challenges happen 4 U…not 2 U. You truly CAN laugh at storms. No bully can EVER take you down. No stress will ever bowl you over (for long anyway). You are authentically empowered…being TRULY you ☆

I want that for you…as I believe my struggle was not in vain. I hope to serve you as a Phoenix that rose from her ashes with powerful teachings and tools ☆ You may recall my story of inauthentic living… 27 years of glamorous high paying careers…yet out of alignment with my true values…who I was at my core. I was like a freshly planted tree. Virtually any wind (bully, addiction, stresses etc.) could blow me away.

Fast forward to me now…having left behind my imposter life that led to 2 years of depression, anxiety, panic disorder and suicidal ideation (i.e.: ‘blessed breakdown’…aka ‘Universal wake-up call) to OWN that I actually AM an artist/entertainer & healer ♡ Honestly…I do not work a day in my life…as what I do I would do for free. I live to serve my beautiful tribe…and I must charge for my offerings…otherwise my tribe would not benefit from my value. What would YOU choose to do…even if no one paid you? Think deeply about that… Do you make money doing something you love…or because you collect a good paycheck?

At Your Service, E

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