Living Your Best Everyday Life

We have all known someone who keeps plastic covers on their sofa to protect it or uses the old chipped china everyday. Sadly this is  poignant but rather dismally humorous example of a tendency to try and save their possessions for a “special occasion”, because everyday life isn’t special enough enjoy using nice things. Some of us have even had the experience of not or hardly wearing a certain article of clothing just to keep it “nice”, but in the meantime it has gone out of style.

Imagine wearing our “nice” clothes utilizing the good china each and every day, making our daily life special. Reminding ourselves that every day is special day and a reason for celebration. Making an everyday occasion of wearing our “nice” clothes and setting the table beautifully – we then are more mindful of  our surroundings, how & what we are eating, and the company we keep.

Use the good china, eat the dining room and skip the plastic on the sofa, become more conscious of the beauty and grace which exists in our everyday lives. That special bottle of wine, those stunning pair of shoes, a gorgeous antique brooch you have been patiently waiting  to enjoy. Take them out and enjoy them today or tonight, because you are here right now and that’s a genuine amazing reason for celebration.

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