Guiltless Cravings: A Guide To Healthier Munchies

We are incessantly bombarded by food advertising which is quite ambiguous. On one side, we have images of mouth-watering fast-food and on the other, ads for healthy food reminding us of the importance of a healthy diet. Amid all that offering, we just crave for a quick guiltless snack, both tasteful and healthy. Believe it or not, such munchies do exist, and here is a list of the five most common ones.

Sunflower Butter

Peanut butter is everyone’s favourite since it tastes good and leaves you full. This is not without reason since it is heavy on protein which is detrimental to health, especially if taken in larger quantities. Yes, we know that is impossible to spread a thin layer of it, so why not spread a different kind of butter? Peanuts are not the only nuts out there, as sunflower seeds can also be made into butter with a similar structure as the one made from peanuts. But there is a big difference. It is actually healthy and is a great detox food. In addition, people who are allergic to peanuts can try it as well.

Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is perhaps the guiltiest of all pleasure as we all know that it is bad for our health. Several health risks are associated with it, not to mention that a popular myth has it that you get acne from it. However, the main ingredient, cocoa, is not to be blamed. It is the other stuff that is mixed in, such as dairy products, sugar, and emulsifiers, that causes health issues.

Dark chocolate, which is any chocolate with a cocoa content higher than 70%, tastes sweet enough to be consumed as candy. There is no longer guilt if you eat this chocolate when working late hours, as your organism can only benefit from the nutrients it contains. The most beneficial thing is that it increases concentration and focus, so students sometimes grab them before an exam.

No Gluten

Nowadays, gluten intolerance is on the rise and it is becoming a global dietary problem. For people intolerant to gluten, it is hard to find appropriate main courses, let alone suitable munchies. Another group are people who are starting to realize the benefits of a gluten-free diet, so definitely a large market exists for this type of food. That is why snacks as gluten free foods are being produced by a rising number of companies worldwide. The variety of these products is also quite large, ranging from baking flour to mint truffles.

Coconut Chips

Yes, even chips have a healthier substitute. If you’re a fan of nachos and tortillas, you need not worry, the sound of opening a bag of chips will not disappear from your home. You merely have to change the main ingredient in the product you buy. Surprisingly, coconut is a worthy replacement, as its flour is suitable for this kind of snack. Not only are they crunchy, but salty as well. Double delight.

Vegan Ice-Cream

So far you are thinking: “I can say no to peanut butter. I can say no chocolate. I can skip a bag of corn chips.” But how can you say no to ice cream. This easily made milky treat is the favourite go-to food during cravings of all kinds. Sitting on a sofa, taking a scoop of ice cream while aimlessly watching TV. This image does not have to go away, just lose the calories. Instead of milk, you can find a vegan ice cream made from a coconut or cashew base. In general, these ice creams require only a few ingredients. The taste remains much the same, but your health will start reaping benefits from this pleasure.

If you crave for good munchies, it is not the urge that needs to be addressed, but the food you crave for. Not all snacks have to be bad for you. For starters, just change the five ones we listed. From there, you can continue on your own.

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