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Happy Wednesday beauty!

Today’s message stems from a Japanese practice called ‘Kintsukuroi’ ☆ What would your life be like if you believed that your challenges have made you a deeper and more beautiful soul? Is it possible that your experiences happened ‘4 U NOT 2 U’…to hone you into the ideal person you needed to become, for your ultimate happiness and to serve the world with your Purpose? If you too are like the fabulous members of my tribe…you have struggled for periods short or long in your ‘personal darkness’.

Perhaps you have experienced mental health breakdown (as I did), other health challenges (yes, even cancer), bad habits & addictions, bullying and victimhood issues (again, like I did) etc.

Are you a heart-centred and sensitive soul who has people pleased and given away your power a time or 1004…and at your very lowest may have even questioned your very existence? If you are resonating and have at some point felt ‘broken’ too, just know that you truly can emerge even more beautiful from struggle & breakdown… because these states do lead to breakthroughs.

Like the Japanese bowl, you become more beautiful than if you had never experienced your breakdown. Your edges can become softened…you become more understanding and compassionate towards others too. In essence you really ARE more beautiful…and can inspire others with your Story of transformation from a ‘plain bowl’ to a GORGEOUS gold infused ‘work of art’ ☆

At Your Service, E

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