Five Ways To Make Your Green Home Healthier

Eco-friendly home design has become a hot trend that provides homeowners with various benefits. Not only do you have numerous opportunities to increase your savings, but you can also turn your home into a truly peaceful oasis. By implementing different green changes, you will make your home more sustainable while also designing a healthy and stylish home ambience.

Go Green By Picking Vintage Pieces

If you’re in need of a new furniture piece or some other item, you should consider choosing from a vintage or pre-loved collection. By opting for second-hand pieces, you will help reduce the demand for the use of new materials, which will enhance the sustainability of your home. Furthermore, brand-new items are typically treated with certain chemicals during their production. Once you introduce them into your home, they will release those toxins into the air through the process of off-gassing. Vintage items, on the other hand, were crafted using less chemicals which evaporated a long time ago. On top of all that, vintage details have a special charm, so introducing them into your home will bring in a sense of antique beauty.

Introduce Plants All Round

Indoor plants are the healthiest home accessory that you can use in your sanctuary. They will truly enrich your home, filling it with fresh air and a positive atmosphere. Plants will also make your home more enjoyable and soothing by bringing in a natural vibe. What’s even better is the number of infinitely stylish options that you can try out in your haven. You can use potted plants in dark, gloomy corners, or add several to your bathroom for a spa-like atmosphere. Hanging planters are an excellent solution if you have limited square footage. Of course, green walls are the ultimate addition that will turn your space into a true natural haven that exudes tranquillity and style.

Shade Up Your Patio

You shouldn’t neglect your outdoor space when greening up your home. A simple, yet effective way to create a more pleasant atmosphere is to create enough shade. Not only will this keep you comfortable, but it will also provide you with a few perks. This will protect you and your family from harmful UV radiation that can cause certain health issues. It will also help you enhance the durability of your outdoor furniture and avoid purchasing new pieces. Furthermore, if you go with an appropriate solution, you’ll also be able to reduce solar heat gain of your house. For instance, if you install quality commercial shade sails, you’ll be able to protect one part of your house from sun exposure. Consequently, your indoor space will also feel more comfortable, which will reduce the need for the constant use of your AC unit.

Choose Healthy And Stylish Materials

Sustainably sourced natural materials are all produced in accordance with environmentally-friendly standards that prohibit the use of toxic chemicals. Therefore, if you introduce natural, organic materials to your home, you’ll definitely create a healthier home atmosphere while also protecting the environment. From flooring materials to different fabrics, you can go organic and natural all the way. Bamboo and cork are an excellent, green choice for your home’s flooring. For a stylish look, you just need to add eco-friendly area rugs made of natural materials, such as hemp, jute, sisal, wool, cotton, etc. The same goes for upholstery fabrics, throw pillows, covers, window treatments, etc.

Paint Your Home The Green Way

Every once in a while, we paint our homes to freshen up our space and create new, stylish looks. However, you should be careful when choosing the paint for your interior. Regular paint contains a combination of chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are highly toxic. Therefore, when choosing a new trendy colour scheme for your home, just make sure to go with eco-friendly paint that contains no VOCs. This way, you’ll have a chic and healthy home.

There are always inspiring ways to make your home more appealing, but make sure to go with those that will also make it healthier.

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