Outdoor Wedding Planning On A Budget

The weddings can get extremely costly. It’s no secret that some people start saving for their children’s wedding right after they are done with saving for the college. Having a great big wedding to remember is a beautiful thing. However, it doesn’t have to be that expensive. Many people opt for cheaper weddings and save money for more important things. Not that the wedding is not important, but after all, you will enjoy and remember it anyway. Might as well look on how to cut the expenses down a notch. Here are some tips and advice on how to plan a wedding on a budget, especially if you are up to an outdoor option. The venue is actually the biggest aspect of spending since you are paying for the location. Outdoor weddings are known to be cheaper since you don’t pay for the hall.

Morning Wedding

This may sound challenging, especially for the bride, but if you are planning on a small wedding, this could be your option. So-called pop-up weddings, where you just pop up, hold a small ceremony and leave before someone else’s wedding starts, are becoming more and more popular. Who needs the ceremony to last for an hour and a half if you only plan on your closest family to attend it?

The Wedding Venue

The venue is one of the main features of the wedding, but also the most expensive one. Booking a fancy hall with dining tables looks luxurious, but it certainly costs the same. You can organize a picnic-style wedding, which is a great option for an outdoor wedding. Also, there are semi-open options, including small hall with a backyard. If you love to travel and feel adventurous there are many affordable elopement packages, so maybe you should consider getting married in Melbourne Australia, Phuket Thailand, San Francisco USA or any other city in the world that crosses your mind. When eloping the options are endless, and it greatly limits the number of guests, so that immediately cuts down the expenses.

Choose Your Guests

It is probably hard to figure out who has to come to your wedding and who doesn’t. But consider this- do you see that person doing anything else on a day that you are getting married? If it is some distant relative, then you could opt for your closest family members and friends. It doesn’t have to be traditional to be good.

Ask For Help Instead Of A Gift

Think about it- wouldn’t you like to have this as an option? If you have a cousin who plays in a band or is experimenting with photography, wouldn’t it be a great deal to exchange their skill instead of a gift? This way you will also let them know you have trust in them doing the job right. Also, it will be a really great marketing for them and their business.


Flower arrangements are indeed beautiful but can be pricey as well. When you think about it, it’s not so logical to spend an incredible amount of money on something that will wilt the very next morning. Artificial flowers can be very convincing and they can be arranged in beautiful cheap flower masterpieces. Combination of paper flowers and real leaves and flowers can be charming also. Get little creative to cut the prices on this feature.

Handmade Invitations

This is just super cute and very unique. By creating handmade wedding invitations, you will imprint the importance of every guest, as well as the wedding itself. If you have a dog or a cat together, having their paw print on an invitation can be very cute and original. This is also a good chance of having every invitation a little different, putting inside jokes or just cash of intimacy.

Stick To The Budget

This is just a general advice whenever you plan on a big event. Setting the budget and then sticking to it is the best way not to go over your possibilities. The smart thing is also setting a just-in-case budget, for anything that pops unexpectedly. This way you will also make yourself stay in between the boundaries of the reasonable amount.

Bottom line, weddings are not cheap. They are the most important day of your life, but it’s still just one day. And not even the whole day. So think it through and set your budget wisely, so you won’t be in debt for years.

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