Why We Keep Clothes We Don’t Wear And When To Let Them Go

Are you having a difficult time letting go of clothes you no longer wear or love? I have listed some of the common reasons below why we keep clothes we don’t wear.

The Item Is New Or Worn Only One Or Twice, So You Feel Guilty

You purchase something you think you will wear, but it just doesn’t work for you no matter how many times you have tried. You never feel comfortable in it. You settled for something which was okay instead of waiting for something you absolutely love. Your money is already spent so keeping the item will just make you feel guilty every time you see it, let the item go.

You’re “Supposed” To Have It

Don’t be restricted by someone else’s rules,  we have all been told about classic wardrobe staples, a little black dress for example. Your classic black dress doesn’t fit quite right anymore, don’t keep an item that doesn’t make you look amazing and feel great just because it’s a classic.

A New Trend That Doesn’t Suit Your Body Shape Or Is Already Out Of Style

You purchased a trendy item to update your wardrobe but the article isn’t working for your body or life, and now the trend has passed & it’s already out of style. Take the time and define your signature style, the types of clothes you look and feel best the in. Think about your favourite kinds of outfits and resist the trendy items, only buy what works best for your body and life. Let go of the “trendy” stuff, it’s just taking up space.

Clothes In Multiple Sizes

Only keep clothes that fit you right now, keeping clothes which don’t currently fit, only cause negative feelings. One of the only times that this doesn’t really apply is during pregnancy, keeping articles of clothing in different sizes other than you are wearing right now can be a sensible idea. Be selective about what you keep and store the items that you love and would wear again after the birth of your child. Instead of leaving them hanging in the front of your closet, either store them in a spare closet if you have the space or boxing the items up and stashing them out of sight.

Occasion And Event Dressing

All of us have articles of clothing we rarely wear but for certain occasion and events. Find alternatives ways you can wear those items at other times, versatile pieces are essential in your wardrobe but if they don’t fit well – say goodbye. Don’t forget to ensure that these items are hung/stored correctly in your wardrobe with an appropriate protective cover.

You Just Don’t Wear An Item Or Doesn’t Match With Anything Else In Your Wardrobe

You purchase an item you love but it just doesn’t work with the rest of your wardrobe, no matter how much you try to convince yourself that the piece will work when you find the right trousers/sweater or accessories. Time to let it go and choose pieces that easily work with your current clothes.

It Was A Gift & You Feel Guilty Letting It Go

Remind yourself whomever gave you the gift gave it to you to make you happy, that they wouldn’t you to feel unhappy wearing the item. You appreciated it and thanked the giver for the present. If your article of clothing doesn’t makes you look amazing and feel great, it’s time to let it go.

Your Clothes Should Suit Your Life Now

Your clothes should reflect your life now, if your life was different 5 years ago then let go of those clothes from your past lifestyle. Keep the clothes that work for your lifestyle and be realistic about what you actually need in your wardrobe and purge the things that don’t.

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