The Art Of Wearing Designer Clothing

Unique designer clothes help you stand out from the crowd and showcase your personal taste and sense of style. They set you apart and help you make a statement by showing off your individuality and original flair. However, the same traits that make these pieces special are often the ones that make them hard to incorporate into an outfit without looking pretentious and tasteless. So, here are some of the best ways to elegantly wear designer pieces and look incredibly chic while doing it:

Stick To One Brand

All fashion lovers agree that there is nothing wrong with wearing whatever you like and feel comfortable in, including openly displaying designer names. However, you should always be cautious of that sort of label-touting, as there is nothing that looks as overwhelming as wearing too many labels at the same time. It can be very difficult to find the right balance sometimes, which is why you should always go for an understated outfit, when wearing designer clothes, to avoid coming off as overly ostentatious. The most traditional way to wear a designer label without overdoing it is by choosing a single piece that prominently displays the brand and then offsetting it with fashionable pieces that aren’t instantly recognizable as designer.

Ignore The Label

What should sway a person to buy designer clothes over their cheaper alternatives should be their superior quality and intricate design, not the branding. Logos are very persuasive; they can heavily influence people’s attitudes toward each other. People are slaves to labels and they often think that the bigger the logo, the better, but that is not always the case. While it is perfectly fine to spend your money on a flashy garment, opting for plain basic pieces should be the priority. However, if you are fond of wearing prominent labels, try concealing it partially with a coat or a jacket. This will maintain the understatement of your outfit, while upholding the mystery, by keeping the observers guessing.

Stay True To Your Style

When it comes to investing in expensive designer clothing pieces, it is very important to stick to your personal style. If you are a minimalist, for example, never splurge on a loud printed piece just because it is in style at the moment. Avoiding trendy pieces and going for classic pieces like biker jeans and a timeless leather jacket is always a safe bet. Although experimenting with fashion is fun, it is recommended to do so with cheaper alternatives, as trends tend to change rapidly, and to only invest in an expensive piece once you are sure it matches your style. Finding something that resonates with your personality will benefit you tremendously in the long run, as you will get the best cost per wear of your designer piece. Also, there is something to be said about buying clothes just because you like them, instead of trying to impress someone else. Once you start buying clothes you truly love, you will instantly feel confident and look amazingly chic in your elegant, designer pieces.

Invest In Quality Accessories

While we are all aware of the power a designer handbag or a good pair of shoes have when it comes to elevating our outfits, we often tend to forget just how important the smaller details are. Adding a few labeled pieces, such as a pair of statement earrings or a big-buckled belt, to an otherwise simple outfit, can truly transform your look. The most elegant way of showing a brand off is by delicately including it into your look. Designer watches are also a beautiful addition to any outfit, whether it is casual or formal. There are numerous luxury watch brands you can choose from to find the one perfectly suited for you. Remember to opt for one that matches the jewelry you wear most often, as there is nothing that radiates elegance more than the subtlety of matching hardware.

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