Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

Today’s message is around a typical struggle my tribe experiences in taking ‘inspired’ action to create the life they so deeply desire. ‘Inspired’ being the key word here. Inspired action vs. just ANY action (perhaps triggered by fear & ego) will allow you to manifest your dreams ☆

What does inspired action look like? It’s actually more about what it FEELS like. You KNOW deep in your heart and soul if your intended action is inspired…as you feel an excitement and a ‘rightness’…an ‘expansion’ in your body & soul vs. an action being fear and ego based where you feel an ‘off’ ‘contraction’ in your body & soul.

I’ve also noted that dreams manifest when we feel a very deep connection…when we truly OWN them. Taking INSPIRED ACTION after feeling a DEEP CONNECTION…is a great combination for making your dreams come true!

At Your Service, E

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