7 Amazing Ways To Build A Healthy Work Space

Many of us spend a big part of our days in our offices. It’s natural to want to feel good there. Creating a healthy workspace is essential if you want to be productive and effective at work and here’s how you should do it:

Create Comfort

When you start choosing the right furnishings, bear in mind that the desk and the chair you’ll be using should suit your posture and be adaptable. You should prefer leather chairs with a bendable back. Even better – get an ergonomic chair that will prevent any back pain. Make sure the desk height can be adjusted so that you can choose the position you will work in. Some people even have a standing desk – there are many models available today. You can change your position from standing to sitting whenever you feel like it.

Keep Everything Clean And Clutter-Free

A clean office is a healthy office. Keep a sanitizer close to you, as you will get in contact with various people throughout the day. If possible, hire a cleaning professional to clean the office thoroughly once a week. At the end of every working day, put everything back to its place so that the next day starts without the unnecessary mess. Don’t allow your working space to become too cluttered – it will distract you from your work. Clear all surfaces and walls from unnecessary items. Only the items you use on a daily basis should be put on display – put the rest in drawers and tubs. File the documents in binders and keep them all on one shelf.

Plants – Be Closer To Nature

Plants in an office increase productivity and relax people. Greenery is known to help you focus and also makes you happier. It’s the cheapest thing you’ll bring into your office but it will be one of the most effective and useful ones. Not only do plants increase your motivation but they also clean toxins in the air – an office full of electronic devices needs an air purifier. Think about fresh orchids and living plants easy to grow. If you want to go one step further with bringing nature into the office, get an aquarium with colorful fish. In short – bring the outside inside.

Good Realtions

Good relations in the office are the root of every healthy working environment. Creating a hostile environment among your colleagues isn’t good for anybody’s health. You need to adjust your behavior depending on the age and position of others in the office – there are different ways how to communicate with older and younger colleagues and how to interact with your boss or juniors. Try to make friends in the office and don’t be prone to gossiping. Focus on doing your job right and on time. Be helpful and respective to others – that’s the key to having healthy relations in the office.

Use The Appropriate Lighting

The natural light that comes from the outside is the best solution for the office. Daylight helps your brain produce serotonin and melatonin, which are responsible for making us feel energized and happy. So try to get as much natural light as possible. It will do a lot of good for your hormonal balance, mood and productivity.

In case you can’t get enough natural light, go with artificial lights. It’s best to install quality LED lights that will fit the mood of your working space. They are energy-efficient and you can choose what type you want, depending on the ambiance you want to create. Additionally, you can add decorative lighting fixtures to accent specific spots in the office.

Add Personalized Items

The office shouldn’t be a cold and sterile place. In a way, it’s your second home, so decorate it like you would decorate your home (but don’t go overboard). Items like photographs and souvenirs, as well as decorative items, make a space more comfortable and personal. You will feel better if you are surrounded by pictures of your loved ones or motivational messages on your walls. Put on display whatever inspires you and makes you smile.

Healthy Snacks And Drinks Within Reach

People tend to forget about their health while working. If you are focused on your job, you can easily forget to eat or drink. That’s why you should always keep healthy snacks in your drawer and some energizing drink. Make sure you eat while at work – your body needs energy, as well as your brain. Chocolate is always good to keep close somewhere. If possible, get a vending machine in the office that won’t only have sweets and sugary drinks, but also healthy snacks.

Final Comment

A healthy office is a product of several factors. As any other thing, it takes time to create a perfect office where the atmosphere and productivity will be at the right level. Do one step at a time.

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