How To Throw An Amazing Backyard Party

When it comes to throwing a backyard party, there are not some specific rules you should follow. It’s a casual type of an event, hosting in general close people in an informal environment such as your own backyard and having burgers and beer. It’s simple – one person flips the burgers and the rest of them eat. However, if you are short with the ideas or simply have some doubts, here are some general tips and pointers for an awesome backyard party.


This is, well, the most important feature of a backyard party, aka the BBQ party. Depending on your invitees, you can go simple or you can go complicated. If people attending your party are your closest friends or family, the chances are that you already know their taste and food preferences. In that case, it is easy to assemble the menu. A few different types of meat, such as hamburgers, hot-dogs or sausages, chopped cheese and salads are some general choice.

If you are hosting your work colleagues or some people you don’t know so good, you should have options. This includes, of course, having all veggie meals for those following the trends. So non-meat, non-cheese or dairy products, and no gluten for those who have allergies. Creating a many for picky people isn’t easy, so just go plane with simple options. Grilled veggies, herbal cheese and gluten-free bread buns should be sufficient for any kind of special diet unless told otherwise. Salads are safe as long as everyone puts their own dressings. Consider having salads ordered instead of making from scratch since it can get too much work.

Plates And Cups

One more thing depending on the number of your guests is plates, cups and silverware. If you are having a small party, using your own cups, glasses and plates can be doable, and it is more comfortable eating off real plates. But if you are having a big party and you simply do not own more than 20 glasses and pairs of silverware, than disposables are your best options. Plastic cups and paper plates don’t cost that much. Plastic or, even better, paper straws can reduce the usage of cups since straws enable you to drink your beverage directly from the bottle without using a cup. They are, though, an environment issue, so make sure you properly clean and recycle everything after the party is done.


People’s drink habits and preferences go way beyond their food differences. Not all of your guests will be perfectly satisfied with a beer. And if they were, there are always so many kinds of beer that you can’t sometimes humour yourself, let along all your guests. Having a mini-bar is a far most safe option. This maybe is more pricey than having a dozen of six-packs, but it is not frowned upon to ask people to chip in for drinks, especially if you are handling the food. Bring-your-own-booze can be the way to go, too. There are alternatives like a kombi rental which is gaining popularity in Australia. You can hire a kombi bar  which serves as a bar table, and you can hire a person to mix cocktails and serve drinks too.


Settling the taste for music of a diverse group of people can be a bit of a challenge. Playing some soothing jazz or old hits can be a success. Also letting people choose and play music on their own is also a way to go. Everyone has to be a DJ for half an hour. That way everyone will get a taste of their own music, and people are not condemned to one type of music all night long. And for the equipment, there is no need for the expensive stuff. Simply plug your iPod to a home speaker and point them toward the house walls. This way the sound will bounce off the wall and amplify. Clever, huh?


If your party should last until the evening, and we hope it will, you must provide light. Depending on your budget and taste, there are many light options with the string lights, all sorts of lamps and lanterns. With the BBQ included, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a bonfire, if allowed, of course. This way, you will all keep warm, the ones still hungry will be able to make their own hot-dog and the biggest con of them all- the fire will keep the insects away. This way, you won’t need to worry about the mosquito repellents and flies in your drinks.


When all is planned, invitations should be sent in a casual manner, via text or casual mail. Letting people know about the starting hours, address and dress code are the main things to include in your invitation. And when we talk about dress code, I mean the absence of it. Don’t make people feel pressured when it comes to dressing for a backyard party. State the casualty of an event by letting them know they should wear whatever makes them feel comfortable.

Throwing a successful backyard party isn’t that hard, but it isn’t exactly piece of the cake. Just make sure there are enough food and drinks for everyone, and the good mood will follow.

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