Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

Ok, so today’s message is a bit of a misnomer for me anyway, as I am not feeling as FAB as I usually am…lol! I’m actually laying in bed nursing my voice box that’s been invaded by a very strong bug that’s apparently ‘going around’…yuck! In the past I would have been really upset & frustrated. I really REALLY need my voice.

Yet today I feel a deep sense of love & patience for myself…as I trust I needed this downtime. I no longer feel the need to control that which I cannot control…and it feels quite peaceful. I recently took up running and was told that immunity can be affected when we stretch our body in a brave new way.

So the message that’s coming through today dear Elvira, is to love and accept yourself in every way…baby yourself when you need to…without frustration or guilt…only love. You…more than anyone in your life, deserves your gentleness, compassion & LOVE! When you honour yourself in this way, it’s a high vibration state that attracts high vibration outcomes to you ☆ How do you generally speak to yourself when you are not OK?

At Your Service Always, E

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