Start Your Week Off Right By Embracing Sunday

When you love Sunday and the opportunity to restore and organize yourself, the rest of the week will be just as positive because having the right mindset all starts on Sunday.

Set aside some time on Sunday to plan your week to organize your life, I take 15 minutes to write a “list”, it’s everything I need to get done during my week – day by day. I constantly read that very successful people have a version of the “list” and they make it happen, every single item. It shows the most important tasks to be done plus any additional chores & responsibilities that you need to be working on which makes all the difference in time management.

I use a planner to block my time out, I segment my time into the areas I have to focus on — client days, meetings, projects. It seems very old fashioned, but it works for me, seeing at a glance where I am is very empowering to know that I am task. Time can just slip away but detailing hour by hour helps you work more productively. I have friend that formulates her week into a spreadsheet but I like blocking everything out manually, for me it’s actually quite relaxing.

Your Sunday shouldn’t just be spent getting ready for the following week, prepare for Monday as early as possible on a Sunday so you can enjoy the day and evening. Create your “list,” plan your work wardrobe for the week, do a load of laundry, do a quick 20 minute room by room straighten up of your home and sort your weekly meal preparation. I always make extra when cooking, for all the workday lunches I take with me during the week, it saves me both time and money (and my health is greatly improved).

Sunday is a really important day for self care, when life is busy and sometimes feels “too much” your Sunday evening ritual will become your go to. I keep a few face masks on hand in my bathroom and I love a soak in warm bath, that 20 minutes of me time always lets me de-stress and wind down before Monday morning. Taking care of yourself, by making “you” a priority even for only a very limited period of time allows you to restore your equilibrium and be your best self to take care of you and others.

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