Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

Ever notice that some of your most deeply satisfying times are those in which you’re being of most service? I believe we are wired that way (at least my beautiful heart-centred tribe is) ♡ Each one of us was born with a powerful Purpose/WHY which will allow us to leave behind a wonderful legacy that no one else can. Your Unique Legacy is yours and yours alone ☆ Others can try to do what you do and as hard as they try…they will simply not be able to do what you do. I feel that your personal desires & talents were gifted to you for you to deeply OWN & master them…so you can improve the condition of our world ♡

It’s the privilege of a lifetime to become who we TRULY are…not who anyone else told or led us to be…and to be of service in our truth ☆ To recap…consider that your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to get get out of your own way (fear, ego & scarcity mindset) gain clarity on your desires & gifts…connect to your Purpose…put that into action…to one day leave the world a better place through YOUR beautiful Unique Legacy ☆

At Your Service, E

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