Summer Hair Care

I caught up with hair professional, Kelsie who is the co-owner of a private hair studio in Leslieville and a Portfolio Artist for L’oreal Professional to give you some Summer Hair Care advice!

Are organic hair care products more beneficial, especially in warmer months?
Organic hair care is beneficial any time of the year if it is important to you as a consumer. However, most major brands are now paraben free, sulphate free, vegan, and some, even gluten free. Its easier now than ever to use your favourite brands, in aling with your wants and needs.

The summer sun and heat can really dry out our hair – what is the best hair mask you’d recommend to keep the shine and how often should we use it?
My favourite in salon hair mask for shine is L’Oreal Professional Mythic Oil Mask (ginger oil and osmanthus extract, its formula offers a light-weight finish. Paraben free).

With all of the products bloggers are selling, what are some key styling/frizz control products you would recommend?
My favourite product for styling/frizz especially for the summer months is a hair oil. A lot of clients get scared off by the term ‘oil’ as they fear it will look oily. If you find a nicely refine lightweight oil it can offer heat protect, shine, nourishment, and be applied wet and dry. An easy go to oil is Mythic Oil (when tested, it absorbed better than the other leading oils, even when dosage doubled)

What’s the best way to protect coloured hair in the summer?
Colour Safe shampoos and conditioners often have UVA/UVB protection built into them to avoid colour fade, same with some great leave in conditioners (Pureology 21 in 1). If not, hair sunscreen is a thing! Kerastase has Sun Protection MicroFilm spray that adds a barrier between your strands and the sun. Or, a trusty hat will do!

Any tips for those who love a dip in the pool or ocean?
Chlorine is a huge no no for blondes as we know (think green!) If you can’t avoid it, a deep cleansing shampoo will remove chemical build up immediately after. If you take a dip in the ocean, just be sure to rinse away remaining salt from your strands to avoid dry brittle hair.

Is it true that getting frequent trims will ensure a healthy head of hair? How often do you suggest getting trims? 
Trims are great for growing your hair long, as counter productive as it sounds! A split end is like a run in panty-hose: if its split, it will continue to run up and cause more damage. Keeping the ends clean will allow it to maintain length and stay healthy. I recommend once a season to my clients (or, every 3 months).

What is your daily/shower hair routine?
 I wash my hair every three days or so. A little oil on the ends ensures my ends don’t dry out, and not over cleansing has let my scalp balance and I’m not overly oily. I air dry my hair, and touch up a few pieces with a curling iron.  Ain’t nobody got 45 minutes to style their hair everyday, not even me!

Any other tips for healthy and gorgeous summer hair?!
Use your hot tools as a touch up only, and when in doubt, a sleek pony is always a go to to give your hair a break! Microfiber towels are great for brittle or curly hair, as well as a silk pillow case/head wrap to keep hair frizz free and happy!

Thank you for your tips on summer hair care, Kelsie! For more, follow her here!

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