Wake Up With More Energy

What We Eat

What we eat effects how we feel and our energy levels, eating large amounts of refined carbohydrates & sugar leads to spikes and irregular blood sugar levels which equals low energy overall. Many people notice they struggle to wake up in the morning and also having daily mid afternoon slumps. Try cutting down your sugar intake and avoid processed foods as much as possible, eating real food not from a package will give you the fibre and vitamins that your body requires, so you will have a better night’s sleep waking up with more energy.

Getting Enough Sleep

Our bodies and brains need a certain amount of sleep every night to function properly. Having a regular bedtime each and every evening and set wake up helps your body form proper rhythms. A nightly routine helps your body go from sleepy to deep uninterrupted sleep which is the healthiest, most restorative type of sleep. Achieving the right kind of sleep means that you maybe able to wake up 30 minutes earlier and not sacrifice your energy levels.

Waking Up Early

Don’t just roll over when your alarm rings – count to 5 then rise and shine up out of that bed, take time to meditate, go work out, or make a hot body nourishing drink and write in your journal. Being energized in the morning allows you to make the most out of the important first hours of being awake and inspire you for the day.

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