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Happy Wednesday beauty!

So last Friday was my birthday ☆ In light of this…Spirit has asked me to share on the importance of living YOUR truth & best life…as it can deeply affect how you age. I’m blessed to say that I looked and felt older when I turned 30 than how I look and feel today at 56. Yup…I’m dying if I’m lying!

When I was 30, I was toiling in a man’s world…selling equipment to hospital labs. Not only did I feel I was ‘pushing’ every day…working with hospital capital budgets and long & stressful sales cycles. I felt like a complete imposter in that position too. I lived a lie. Quite frankly I was also a cranky bitch…a lot!

Fast forward to today…where I’m blessed to virtually not work a day in my life as everything I do is pure joy & passion. It actually feels as though my cells are happy and in alignment with the truth of my heart and soul. It’s like time has been standing still and even going backwards!

It truly IS a miracle getting to live in your ‘truth zone’…and not simply existing in a place where you feel obligated to live as that’s where you ended up…and the money or security is good (ie: me for 2 imposter careers over 27 years) and even more miraculous at how time can stand still for people who get to really be themselves.

If you presently feel out of alignment…please visit me at if you are open to a brief chat on shifting to a happier & more successful place. It IS possible…you are SO worth it…and you MUST earn your happy with your choices!

At Your Service, E

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