Tips To Alleviate Tech Neck

We reside in a world obsessed with phones, tablets and computers but what about “tech neck”. What’s tech neck? It refers to the muscle strain and wrinkles that can be prematurely caused by constantly looking down at a screen. Over long periods of time and maintaining a head forward posture can cause muscle strain, disc injury, ongoing neck & shoulder pain, and headaches along with deep wrinkles forming in the skin surrounding your neck. These are 4 tips that can counteract them…….

Less Screen Time

The first and of course the obvious solution, is less screen time on daily basis. While the benefits to limiting screen time are apparent it’s just not possible for some of us who have education and employment situations where working on a computer is necessary. So set time limits, even a reminder alarm if necessary.

Posture And Body Alignment

Sit in a chair with a headrest and has seat height adjustment. Arrange the height of your seat to have your torso & arms within ease of the keyboard and keep the back of your head flush against the headrest while using your tablet or laptop will ensure that you’re not looking down with your neck flexed forward. Be sure to take regular breaks, straighten your neck while realigning your shoulders and correct your posture down to your lower back.

Be Aware Of Pain 

If you’re experiencing pain in your neck, between your shoulder blades or frequent headaches when using a device, this is a serious issue that can affect your long term health. You must pay attention to these warning signals and reduce or eliminate any head-forward posture that is straining your neck.

Skincare Solutions

Vitamin C serums and Retinol creams are made for facial skin but are extremely beneficial for the skin on your neck too. These skincare products are perfect for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles and to prevention them from occurring.  The skin on your neck is very susceptible to wrinkles and lines especially with the stretching with the head bent forward posture. While serums are an absolute requirement for your morning skincare routine, while adding retinol to your nighttime routine has amazing anti-aging benefits. Always consult with your skincare professional or dermatologist, before adding new products to your skincare regimen as some people have allergies to retinol.

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