Wallpaper Trends Taking Over The World By Storm

If you think wallpaper has left the building along with the King of rock’n’roll and your grandma’s house, think again. On the contrary, wallpaper has made the most successful comeback since Converse’s sneakers return to the stage in the late 2000’s. Make no mistake, we are not referring to your granny’s dated floral prints on the wall. The resurgence of trendy wallpaper designs brings a set of fresh and modern looks that can be incorporated into every home that aims to be “in vogue”. If you are willing to give your home a stylish transformation with the help of wallpaper, here are some trends to keep in mind.

Windowpaper… Yeah, You’re Reading It Well

Wallpaper belongs on a wall, but what if you don’t have enough empty space on the wall (maybe it’s covered with bookshelves) to make your statement? In that case, you can use fashionable roller blinds of various designs to translate the love of designed paper onto your windows. This is such a popular window treatment that it comes in different colors and patterns, so you can accomplish pretty much a similar effect to the one of a wall decal.

A Different Concept Of “Green Wall”

If you have read anything about interior design this year, you probably know that indoor plants are a huge hit, especially in the form of a green wall – urban vertical garden with succulents, herbs, and similar. Well, we have an easier way for you to incorporate this trend, along with the Pantone’s color of the year – Greenery. Just stick a botanical-themed wallpaper onto a focal wall, and you will instantly add character and charm to a dull white wall.

For The Love Of Geometry

Geometrical shapes and patterns have become so present in the modern-day interior design, particularly with the rise to popularity of Scandinavian interior décor which tends to include a lot of these designs, through rugs, artwork, and other. Geometric wallpaper design (e.g., squares, triangles, diamonds, and hexagons) goes well with the minimalistic décor by enriching it with a touch of visual interest that can sometimes lack in such spaces.

Get Exposed!

Some interior design styles, such as rustic, industrial, and Scandinavian can benefit from exposed brick or stone wall. However, not every home is blessed with such a feature and not every homeowner can afford the expensive construction works to get one. Fortunately, there are many trendy wallpaper designs that imitate the look of exposed brick and stone in various styles and textures.

Glamming It Up

We all want an elegant home to brag about. If you haven’t been reading your design magazines, here’s some news for you: you can accomplish elegance with metallic tones and finishes. But why stop at furniture hardware and home accessories when you can take this trends all the way to your walls? Make the interior of your home impeccably luxurious by opting for a metallic wallpaper which adds depth and shiny texture. You can choose between copper, solid silver, gold, rose gold and other, and even add extra interest with florals, botanicals, or geometric shapes.

The design of your walls is not set in stone, and not every wall in one room needs to be the same. Various wallpaper designs are an excellent opportunity to give your interior personality, and unparalleled chic, so don’t be afraid to take a chance with one of these trends.

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