What Millennials Can Teach Us About The Coffee Culture Of Today

Coffee is probably the one drink we can all agree on, whether we drink it in the morning to give us energy or in the afternoon while socializing with friends. Just like every other culture in the world, coffee culture is changing as well. Many of those changes happen thanks to millennials, so here’s what we can learn from them about different types of coffee.

Black Coffee

If you order black coffee, you will get coffee without any milk or sugar. This means that it will have quite a strong taste. Moreover, there are many health benefits of black coffee. For example, research has shown that it can help prevent fatty liver disease, liver cancer, and alcoholic cirrhosis. It’s also a great choice if you’re trying to lose weight, since it can boost your metabolism by 50% and help you burn fat more efficiently.


Espresso (not expresso) is usually served as a shot. You’d get it in a smaller cup, and its taste is very strong. It’s high in caffeine, so it’s a great choice for when you need a boost of energy. It’s also often used as a base for other types of coffee, like the macchiato, which is made by adding some steamed milk and foam to espresso. When you need a bit more energy, you can also order a double espresso, and you’d get two shots in one cup. If you like making your own espresso, it might be a good idea to get a Nespresso machine. You can find many quality coffee capsules for the machine, and making your own perfect espresso would become easier than ever before.

Flat White

This is the Australian version of espresso. It consists of espresso and microfoam, which is steamed milk with tiny bubbles that give the foam a velvety texture. The key to making a perfect flat white is in blending the milk with the coffee – it should be poured over the espresso, making the two liquids merge seamlessly.


Latte is similar to the flat white, but it’s usually served in a bigger cup, and it’s not as strong. It’s made by adding both steamed milk and micro foam to coffee, which makes the taste milder. It’s also a bit creamier than cappuccino due to having less foam. Moreover, latte art is quite popular today, and is one of the reasons millennials love this drink.


This is another espresso-based drink. It’s usually prepared by adding steamed milk and foam on top of one espresso shot. The thick foam layer is what cappuccino is famous for. A good cappuccino should keep the well-known espresso taste, it should be rich in structure, and the foam should be thick and sweet.


If you prefer something sweeter, consider ordering the mocha or mochaccino. It’s similar to the latte, but it has added chocolate, which makes it much sweeter than the other types of coffee. There is a white mocha as well, which uses white chocolate instead of dark or milk chocolate. This is not to be confused with the Moka pot, which is also a brilliant way to brew your own coffee.

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