Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

I believe it takes BIG courage to show up and risk not being loved, heck, not even liked. But nothing is worth not getting to be the REAL YOU …don’t you think? For years I simply softened my edges and went along with ‘friends’ who tolerated me and through their raised eyebrows, eye rolls and snickers would make it clear that I could only stretch out so far…otherwise I would be judged even more so.

Why did I give my power away by fearing them and their judgment? Probably why most of us do. It’s not comfortable being kicked out of the tribe. Out in the wilderness without our peeps to ‘care’ for us…was a scary thing way back…and years of conditioning made us afraid to lose favour. So we put up with the insult to our heart and soul. We smile and go along with their opinions and not get overly sensitive.

Only in the last 8 years as I’ve been on a personal development/spiritual growth path have I had the courage to know I am WAY more than how I am being judged.

My 2 best friends of almost 40 years each judged me more and more as I evolved from my Crap Magnet inauthentic experience to living my truth…fiercely and authentically…as a Miracle Magnet. Yet having the courage to get out of my own fear & ego way and pursue my childhood dream of being an artist/entertainer…and becoming a pro jazz artist at the ripe sweet age of 51…made me ‘too much’ for them and an outer circle of ‘friends’, to handle…so we just drifted apart.I love them and miss some of the sweet old times we shared…but I truly value getting to be the REAL ME more than ANYTHING and would NEVER NOT be the fullest expression of me just to make someone more comfortable ♡

I encourage you to truly keep close only those who do not judge you…actually believe in you and you do the same for them. As you do, Spirit connects you with amazing NEW souls on your similar path ♡ After having experienced much personal growth & transformation, I value deeply my time alone and trust the Universe will only connect me with those I am meant to know…for my highest good…and it feels AMAZING ☆ I wish for you a life of self-love where you will attract those who see you, help you feel safe, support & celebrate you!

At Your Service, E

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