Loving Summer

Many of our childhood memories of summer are often very vivid because of the fresh smells, vibrant colours, the many hours of sunlight and the hot temperatures. Summertime as child meant vacation time day after day of fun – we played, travelled, relaxed, ate ice cream, swam in the ocean or lake and experienced all of life’s joys.

Those rituals of summer tend to become traditions we preserve in our memories, as adults we think of these as the glory days of freedom. The many hours of extra sunlight, open windows and doors with summer breezes and allowing the suns heat upon our skin all become all become imprinted on minds.  There’s also the sounds of summer surrounding us – whether it’s the buzzing of bees, the chipping sound of chipmunks while scurrying for food, birdsongs or children’s laughter.

Instead of making this your distant past, you can evoke and reacquaint yourself with all those feelings of summer by reimmersing and renewing yourself in all its pleasures. Wake up with the dawning sun, enjoy a trip to the beach, indulge with an ice cream or just sit with the sounds of nature around you. Summer passes all too quickly but you can again revel in the richness of the season while creating new memories.

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