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Stunning Sunset View

Hello Everyone,

What a lovely week of summer days and sunsets……but I can’t quite believe it’s August already. I’m sure you all know that I have a thing for organization (insert the eyeball roll and sigh). My almost month away in Australia living out of a suitcase, ignited the “minimalism” inside. I’ve been spending a few hours each day methodically, one drawer or shelf  at a time, decluttering and purging our home. I really have no clue where it all comes from, I have 3 large packing boxes of “stuff” to donate, with no set plans this long weekend I’m hoping to finish the remaining few rooms and then relax enjoy the summer. As usual here is a peek into my week with a few photographs.

Happy Long Weekend, Leonie xx

Pretty Blooms At My Local Grocer

One Of My Amazing Husbands Delicious 20 Minute Mid Week Dinners

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