Keeping Those Pesky Mosquitos Away!

With all the wonderful things that are summer come a few of our least favourite things. My family and I do a lot of cottaging and camping in the summer months and while we’re enjoying the sunshine, doing lots of water activities and exploring, we also see a lot of those pesky mosquitos. They drive us nuts, the bites itch like crazy, but what can we do other then grin and bear the itch.

So glad you asked! There are lots of different repellents out there, but I take well to using what is already in my cupboards for me and my family. With Arbonne’s multi-purpose Rescue & Renew Detox Oil you can create a Do-It-Yourself mixture of water and oil into a spray bottle. The oil is infused with pure, aromatic essential oils including; orange, lavender, anise and bergamot. The combination of these oils act as a substitute bug repellent and as a bonus it gives your skin the perfect summer glow while protecting your skin’s moisture barrier with Vitamin E and Argan oil.

What I love most about this oil is it smells amazing and it’s healthy for our skin and bodies. Choose your protection wisely and still enjoy summer with the mosquitos! There are lots of safe options out there.

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