Tips For Organizing Almost Everything

The phrase “a place for everything and everything in it’s place” is so very true, it actually dates from the 17th century and is associated with Mrs Isabella Beeton of Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management.

Completely Empty And Throughly Clean

It doesn’t matter what you are organizing – the kitchen pantry, your wardrobe, bathroom drawers or the front hall closet. You must completely remove all items from the closet/wardrobe or drawers and lay it all out to peruse what the contents truly are. Thoroughly clean drawers and shelves, for closets and wardrobes this is an absolute necessity to prevent moths.

Sort And Purge

Divide the contents into clusters of like items. Actually pick up each item to evaluate and maybe purge – toss anything that has expired or is broken, torn or stained, donate any article in good condition that you don’t use or wear. If items are seasonal then separate, pack and label to store elsewhere. Always use cedar chips, acid free tissue and waterproof storage containers to prevent any damage to your belongings when storing them for any length of time.

Storage Solutions

Think about the best storage solution for your items…. Will this live in a drawer? Lay folded on a shelf? Do you need more or new clothes hangers? An extra hanging rod? Is your item best stored standing up? Make a list of any storage containers or solutions that you may need to purchase. Don’t forget to measure accurately, take your measurements with you when visiting the department store, as they will determine which options are available for your space and what suits your budget and needs best. Your ‘most used items’ should be the easiest to access and your ‘least used items’ should be on the highest shelf to maximize vertical space or in the lowest drawer. Remember to make sure there is enough space for each and every item, nothing is jammed in together, so accessing and returning the article is an easy and stress free.

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