Favourite Things Over The Last Couple Of Weeks

Making Our Descent Into Vancouver

Hello Everyone,

We are home……. our trip to Australia was totally amazing. My heart is so full of love and in awe of my boys, the young men they are and becoming. My family and I spent a large portion of our trip visiting with my grandmother, at 89 she is a complete inspiration to me, and has always been my guiding light. The vast majority of this week was spent recovering from jet lag with my daughter and sorting out my house and garden after almost a month away, which really is it’s own kind of wonderful. I love my home and while it’s not the largest, it’s perfect for my family, there is nothing better than drinking a cup of freshly brewed tea and watching the birds, bunnies, squirrels and chipmunks play in my garden only just steps from my feet. My to-do list for next week is looking rather daunting, so my productivity gene had better be in abundance. As usual here is peek into my time in a few photograph…..

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

Taking In Some Australian Winter Sun

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