5 Wardrobe Items You Need During Your Summer Vacation

We are already halfway through July, and those sunny city streets, seaside cottages and refreshing cocktails are waiting. But before you take off for this year’s summer vacation, you have to make sure your travel bag is well-put together. So follow this blueprint for an unmistakable summer packing. Find out which five wardrobe items are your summer vacation must-haves, no matter where you are heading.

1. A Flattering One-Piece

Sure, a swimsuit is something you firstly pack when you are going on a summer trip that features “a body of water and sun”, but bringing at least one one-piece is a pretty smart thing to do. First of all, many water activities such as snorkeling, surfing as well as water parks are ‘best served’ when you are wearing a swimsuit that will stay on your body in spite of all the ‘external influence’. And although bikinis will always be the only ones in our hearts, you have to admit that there is something quite pleasing about well-fitting one-piece swimsuits. And not to mention they can also double up as cute tops for daily walks by the beach when you pair them with cut-off shorts.

2. A White Button-Down

For both men and women, lightweight white button downs are essential for summer travel. They simply keep us cool in every possible sense of that word. White is a classic summer color and it literally goes with everything. However, if you consider yourself a messy eater, go with some other neutral color such as navy, olive green or black. The long sleeves will protect you from the sun, and you will look like you’ve jumped out of a fashion magazine if you wear it with a cool hat, big glasses and fun sandals while you are sipping a delicious cocktail.

3. Scarf

A Scarf is basically a Swiss Army knife when it comes to the accessories. A fine, lightweight scarf can be used to protect you from the sun, to dress up your outfit, to cover your bare skin if you are visiting a church or a mosque, as well as an eye mask on the plane. Furthermore, if unexpectedly bad weather arrives during your vacation, sure, a scarf will definitely come in handy. Go with a cotton or linen one that is breathable and neutrally-coloured so it can go with more combinations.

4. Kimono Robe + Quality Underwear

Elevate both your beach and your night time look with a sexy kimono-style robe you will also be able to convert into a cute wrap dress for a night out by simply belting it with a cool and stylish belt. If you want to have that sleek-fashionable look, go with a black robe because its classic tone will immediately add a touch of special elegance to whatever you are wearing.

And since a kimono robe can also be used as an addition to your lingerie, make sure you get good women’s underwear to pair it with. A good underwear is both important for having fun with your loved one (wink) and to make your body look better under the clothing – there is nothing worse than having four butts or a bra strap buried deeply into your shoulder.

5. A Day-To-Night Dress                                                                                          

Finally, a white (or in any other versatile and basic color of your choice) midi dress made out of a breezy cotton mesh is an ultimate winner. It is casual enough to be worn during the day, but you can also easily dress it up for evening cocktail sessions. It will take zero space in both your luggage and wardrobe, and you will wear it more than once for sure. Not to mention that these dresses also accentuate the bronzed glow of our skin.

And that would be it – the five most important items you will need on your vacation this year. Make sure you bring them all. Bon voyage and have a great holiday.

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