5 Things That Are Ruining Your Personal Style

Let’s face it, you are probably already aware of the fact that things like wrinkles, rips, stains, missing buttons etc. will simply make you look like a total mess. Just like wearing clothes that don’t fit your body proportions, are overly matchy-matchy will too. And sure, we all have those days when we just – can’t. And during those days nobody will judge you. But in order not to turn those ‘can’t’ moments into your habits, there are some things you should always have in mind when you are leaving your house.

1. Big Bags And Hair Ties

Those huge canvas totes are slowly becoming an epidemic. Not only are we seeing them literally wherever we look, but they are also SO UGLY and make any outfit effortless but not in a good way. More like – the only effort you put in your outfit was opening your wardrobe. And do you really need all that stuff you shove in there? Probably not. After all, you are not a hoarder, so try not to look like one. Instead, opt for one high-quality, hard and smaller bag that will be more than enough for your money, lipstick, a tiny perfume, gums, phone and keys.

And when it comes to hair ties, have their name in mind whenever you want to put one on your wrist. Your wrists are for BRACELETS. You cannot say that it takes that much of an effort to simply put your hair tie in your pocket when you aren’t using it. Not only do they look ugly, but they are also cutting off your circulation. Ew!

2. You Wear Clothes That Require Constant Adjustments

Whether you are constantly pulling your sagging strapless dress up, twisting shapewear back to its place or pulling the crotch of your shorts, by wearing clothes that require constant adjusting, you are looking like you are either wearing something that doesn’t fit you, or something that you are completely uncomfortable in – which is not chic. No matter how much you love that particular piece – if you can’t wear it with ease, forget about it.

3. You Are Afraid To Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Even though sometimes the smartest choice is to go basic, sometimes all that basicness can drown us and make us look bland. Sooner or later you will begin to feel and look like Lois from “Malcolm in the middle” or the most basic American mom ever. Hello bland shirts and lifeless beige cargo pants. Jokes aside, sometimes it can be a good idea to spice up your wardrobe with unconventional pieces such as bold steampunk clothing, for example, or incorporating some bright colors into your basic outfits if you aren’t feeling bold enough to go “dark” every now and then. Feel free to experiment, who knows what you will like.

4. Pants That Drag On The Ground

Yes, flared and wide leg pants are super stylish and are seen on countless celebrities, models and fashion shows. However, there is one important catch when it comes to these pants – they should be worn with SUPER HIGH HEELS so they end right above the ground. And most people tend to neglect that rule and end up looking like they’ve bought pants that are two sizes too big. And having your pants being dragged behind you getting ripped and all dirty is more or less a crime. Not cool and not chic at all. So if you don’t feel like wearing heels today (which is perfectly fine), stick to skinny pants or straight leg pants instead.

5. Your Underwear Is Showing

Everywhere we look, we are now seeing bralettes paired with cool jeans and blazers as well as see-through tops etc. And yes, there are ways to really make your bra an important part of your whole outfit, but it is a whole other thing to have your nude or even worse – clear straps showing when you’re wearing a sleeveless or spaghetti strap top. THAT IS NOT ATTRACTIVE WHATSOEVER! The same goes for visible panty lines or edges of shapewear that are casually poking out from under your dress. And if you still don’t quite understand what we are talking about, just remember this: do not show something that you initially didn’t mean to show, because you will look plain shabby.

And that would be it. Make sure you follow these tips and we guarantee that you won’t have to worry about looking bland ever again.

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