Easy And Beautiful Granny Flat Design Ideas

Designing a small space such as a granny flat might seem easy, but it brings many challenges and limitations. You don’t want to clutter the space, but leaving it too minimalist will make it feel cold and impersonal. However, once you know which steps to take, you’ll see that there are countless interior design options for your granny flat. Here are just a few to spark your imagination.

Boost Space With Colour

The best way to create a comfortable, airy and pleasant space is to embrace off-whites. These neutral colours will let the light bounce off the walls and instantly make the space look larger and more welcoming. Sure, you can spice up your palette with a few pops of bold colours like black, red or dark blue. These colours will give your granny flat some extra character and draw attention to your focal points. However, if you go overboard with dark shades, you’re risking creating a space that feels claustrophobic and overwhelming!

Extend The View

If you want to make your smaller space look bigger, you can extend the view outside with glass doors and big windows. More and more experienced granny flat builders today are using this trick in their designs to make their units look and feel larger. Glass doors and windows will allow your eyes to venture outside to the patio and your garden and minimize that unpleasant boxed-in feeling many small spaces struggle with! Plus, you’ll get ample natural lighting and plenty of ventilation opportunities you’ll appreciate in the summer.

Create Enough Storage Space

Since granny flats are often quite small, owners usually struggle with storage space. So, if you want to have a clutter-free space, you must improve your storage options! For instance, plenty of built-in storage will give you enough space for all your items. A few clever hidden storage solutions like under-the-bed drawers, under-seat spaces and double-duty furniture can also help you keep your granny flat clean and clutter-free.

Choose The Right Lighting

Don’t neglect your lighting! Many people get too wrapped up in choosing the colours and furniture, that they end up with a dark space that feels gloomy and uncomfortable, no matter the wall colour and seating. For instance, LEDs will definitely brighten up your space and even create an illusion of width and height. Bold, statement lighting fixtures can further illuminate your space, but also give the space some character and interest. Once you improve the lighting in your granny flat, you’ll see what an impact it will have on your space!

Make It Shine

Once you’re almost done with your granny flat design, it’s time to give it some shine! Some mirrors, glossy surfaces and smooth finishes will glam up the space and further improve its spaciousness. Your lighting will definitely give you illumination, but your mirrors will catch that light, make it bounce off the walls and get the whole place to shine! Mirrors and other glossy finishes will not only make your space brighter, but also add a touch of luxury. For the biggest benefits, try to mix and match different materials with different finishes and employ them around lighting fixtures and mirrors to get different effects!

Designing a small space might not be easy, but it’s definitely highly rewarding. Once you finish with your design, you’ll end up with a perfect granny flat that’s comfy, airy, practical and aesthetically pleasing!

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