Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

It’s SUMMER …YAAYYYY!! In honour of this wonderful season and the school year being complete…this message serves as a gentle reminder to get out there and make some great memories with those we love ♡ It’s all too easy to stay TOO connected to our stuff…digital screens etc…and I believe today more than ever that we could benefit from a ‘digital detox’ to co-create beautiful moments we will always remember ☆

What adventure can you go on that will allow you to value your loved ones…perhaps in nature where your bodies regenerate and come into balance? Perhaps the mountains, the woods a body of water…somewhere ‘high vibe’ that makes your every cell happy to be alive?

Can you purposely choose to value each other by having the courage to intentionally minimize or cut out ‘the digital’ for a period of time It isn’t easy…as most of us are addicted to our devices. However I know that where intention goes, miracles of your heart’s desires can always happen…as you ARE that powerful ☆ Wishing you a safe and wonderful summer beauty!

At Your Service, E

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