Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

Today’s message is coming through loud and clear as I see folks showing up very inauthentically…clearly not in alignment with their higher selves…yet they really want to do business with me.

I believe that the way we show up speaks louder than we do. Communication is not just language. It involves how we see ourselves. Are we happy to be ourselves fiercely and authentically? Or do we inadvertently push others away…deep down feeling unworthy…but pretending to be more than we actually feel inside?

We are vibrational creatures…and naturally move away from that which is not authentic. As a coach, I’ve developed especially great ‘spidey senses’ when it comes to noticing if folks are showing up in their real self/authentic power…or if they are deep in their false self/ego power… which is a low vibe state I’m quite allergic to actually…lol!

So…before you do business or need to get something accomplished through the support of another…ask yourself: Is who I AM, speaking SO loudly that people cannot hear what I’m saying? Trust me…biz, life and relationships transform to a whole new level of success when we are being authentically ourselves ☆ Curious to hear your thoughts on how you believe that YOU are showing up!

At Your Service, E

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