Tulum Fitness Retreat Review

Bikini Body Bootcamp.. Tulum.. all of the amazing people I met.. Thank You!

I came back from this trip feeling like I accomplished what I came for: to reconnect with myself both mentally and physically and ultimately to hit the reset button! This experience was exactly what I needed. I am so beyond happy and proud of myself (btw – do we say that often enough??) for making the quick decision to book this retreat without looking for approval from anyone but myself.

Attending a fitness/yoga retreat has been on my mind for years but I never had the balls to do it. So, I just want to say to ya’ll, if you’ve been thinking about something long enough but continue to have doubts, please just trust yourself, step out of your comfort zone and take chances!


Early flight to Cancun! The drive to Tulum from Cancun is about an hour and a half. The resort offers airport transportation for $150 but if they can match you up with other guests, they divide the cost but I met a lady at F45 who comes to this exact retreat and she told me to book a shuttle through Expedia. I paid $40 online and got a shuttle from the Cancun airport to the resort vs. the upfront cost of $150 through the resort.

Arriving in Tulum… omg, I’m in love. After checking in and getting a tour of the resort, it was finally time to start bootcamp! Started off with circuit training, a walk on the beach, beach front yoga class, opening circle (where you meet everyone and they explain the lay of the land) then dinner and off to bed!

The Resort (Amansala Eco Resort)

The resorts location I’d say is it’s #1 feature. It’s right on the beach and also close to all of the shops and restaurants! The resort itself was nice, very chic and boho vibes – it was clean which is very important! I liked my room – it was a garden front, clean and spacious with my very own hammock!

The yoga/fitness studios along with the restaurant and reception area are steps away from your room. Starting my day off by basically rolling out of bed into the restaurant to enjoy a cup of organic dripped coffee while I watched the ocean was one of my favourite times of the day :). I actually started to skip meditation and do this instead (basically like meditation, right? I’m still learning to be still and meditate, lol). Bikes are also included if you want to go off and explore!



The food was amazing, always fresh, healthy and tasteful. Included in BBB was breakfast, lunch and dinner (aside from one off-site dinner you plan yourself) and if you’re hungry between meals, you can ask for a snack which was usually chips, veggies and guac (I’ve never eaten so much avo in my life, not even mad about it!). We had a dedicated table (because there were multiple groups at the resort) to sit at for all meals in the restaurant/main space, which is also beachfront.

Off-Site Activities

Included in Bootcamp were 3 guided tours/off-site activities.

Bike ride to the Mangroves: AKA hidden paradise! You walk on a wooden walk way surrounded by greenery to get to this place. It is beautiful! Hang, swim, kayak in the purest water.

Grand Cenote: Ahh this was my favourite. One of the most popular spots to snorkel, however, the color of the water is so clear that you can see fish swimming and the underwater life without even snorkeling or going deep. It consists of several cenotes meandering along the verdant jungle floor and connected by wooden walkways. We had lot’s of fun here!

Bike ride to the Mayan Ruins of Tulum: A little bit of history if you’re into that! The 13th-century, walled Mayan archaeological site at Tulum National Park that overlooks the sea.

We had a silent disco on the last night, it was so much fun!! 


Everyday started with 7am meditation, a walk along the beach (the seaweed was bad though), beachfront yoga class and then breakfast. Yes ALL OF THAT before breakfast. Usually after breakfast you’d have free time before the next workout or we would go on an excursion with the bikes. You can definitely fill your day (mostly) up with activities and at the beginning of the week I went to everything offered.. near the end I started to get a bit more picky with the classes I went to and was a little more interested in adventuring around Tulum via bike.

A variety of classes were offered throughout the week including: Yoga, HIIT, circuit, kickboxing, Pilates, beach blast, sculpt, and dancing! You sweat just lifting a finger, so you can imagine how sweaty we got during any type of workout. I definitely didn’t bring enough workout clothes so that is one takeaway; bring TRIPLE the amount of workout clothes. I was changing 3x a day and showering 4-6x per day. One thing I did learn about myself is that I would never last at a full on yoga retreat. I needed the fast pace workout, 2 a day yoga classes was a lotttttt, for me. I would rate the fitness component of this experience 7/10, basically comes down to organization.

Retreat Costs 

It’s not cheap by any means but if you’re looking for some zen with a mix of challenge, fun and adventure, I’m sure you would find the benefit in spending money on something like a fitness retreat. The fee for the bootcamp includes, all meals (except for the one night out), exercise programs (yoga twice a day, pilates, circuit training, etc.), meditation, 3 tours, 2 massages, and of course accommodations. (You can book the hotel without being part of Bootcamp or a group and you can also book another program see website). Anything you order/do outside of the above will be charged back to the credit card on file at checkout (alcoholic drinks, extra spa services, etc.).


Love, love, love Tulum. The cutest place that offers a little bit of everything. I’d say aside from 2 for 1 Happy Hours offered everywhere, Tulum is definitely a trip for relaxation, wellness and leisure adventure. I will be back!

One of our off-resort dinners! Came home with 15 new friends!  

In Conclusion

Having gone to Tulum solo (and I would recommend anyone to travel here solo, too) I now feel like anything is possible, so I’m happy I finally did it. I am confident in traveling alone and know that saving $$ for something you really want is TOTALLY do-able. Would I do another fitness retreat? Not anytime soon as I am now craving a different adventure BUT would I do it again, yes! If you have any other questions regarding my experience at Amansala, Tulum or retreats in general, comment below or email me and I’d be happy to answer!

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