8 Strategies To Clear Your Mental Clutter

Having mental clutter fills up your headspace and actually slows your productivity. With endless list of things to remember most of us feel rather overwhelmed. Clearing the mental clutter brings both calm and back happiness back into your life. Developing healthy mental and physical habits leads to everyday wellbeing. Try these 8 strategies……

  • Regular Exercise  –  practising yoga or pilates, hitting the gym or going walking all raises your endorphin levels.
  • Meditate Everyday – 2o minutes of time which is focused and calm can actually rewire your brain.
  • Create A Daily Routine – having regular and everyday activities scheduled in order makes for less stress.
  • Make Lists – either hand written or electronically will help keep you on track.
  • Concentrate On  One Thing At A Time – start and complete a task before moving onto the next.
  • Be Mindful In Your Actions – be conscious of your choices, always use you intuition.
  • Prioritize And Set Goals – decide what you want to achieve and make the necessary steps towards that outcome.
  • Tidy And Declutter Your Home And Surroundings – purge everything that you don’t love and need.

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