Favourite Things Over The Last Couple Of Weeks

Peony Season Has Started

Hello Everyone,

While the last 2 week started off very stressful, any less than amazing moments were made up by the end into wonderful blessings. My daughter went through 3 and 1/2 hours of general anesthetic dental surgery so the beginning of the first week was super scary, and nothing I would ever like to repeat……EVER!! A very unhappy face followed along with a week of soft mushy food but all is back to normal in the last few days & the smiles are back. My presentation with a new (very special) client was a complete success, the weather has been completely gorgeous and I am almost done with packing for Australia (next Wednesday can’t come soon enough). I want these good vibes to flow into the weekend as we celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday. As usual, here is a peek into my time with a few photographs….

Happy Weekend, Leonie xx

Almost Summer Bar Cart Vibes

My View This Time Next Friday

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