Drinking Tea

What things in life make you feel better no matter what? The top 5 on my list are spending time with loved ones, yoga or meditation, a hot cup of tea, a walk in the sunshine and an afternoon nap but a cup of tea always feels just right. Whether it’s a piping hot cup of black orange pekoe with a drip of honey, peppermint or jasmine scented green tea it must always be consumed from a proper bone china tea cup. I know, I am a traditionalist with my tea cup thing, but I simply adore the feeling that comes with drinking it.

Tea is absolutely full of antioxidants, vitamins, and other healthy ingredients. The actual process of just stopping and relaxing to savour and sip the tea is a benefit within itself.

Drinking green tea after a meal improves your digestion and speeds up your metabolism, I actually during the colder months try to drink green tea 45 minutes before my meals too, sometimes you think you’re hungry but your body is actually craving hydration instead. With the benefits of anti-inflammatory properties, anti-carcinogenic effects, and increasing your gut health – drinking tea is something to consider adding to your everyday routine.

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