Packing For A Vacation?

How many times have you packed for a vacation and forgotten something? It’s happened to most of us more than once, avoid leaving your essentials behind and utilize a packing list. Okay, so I hear you say, who has time to write a list before each trip….. especially when you leave it to the last minute to pack? Not me, so I have a checklist that I always use and I pack ahead of time, not at the last minute. I’m sharing my basic list with you today – from clothing & accessories, beauty necessities & toiletries, to tech & miscellaneous items.

Clothing – Pack each outfit together in clear ziplock bags, once worn replace ready for laundering.

  • Outfits & Outerwear
  • Pyjamas, Brasseries, Underwear & Socks

Toiletries – Decant any liquids & lotions into small 100ml travel size bottles.

  • Deodorant, Body Wash & Lotion, Perfume
  • Makeup, Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer & Makeup Wipes
  • Hairbrush, Hair Accessories & Sunscreen
  • Toothbrush, Floss & Toothpaste
  • Nail File, Clippers & Cuticle Oil

General Accessories

  • Sunglasses, Glasses & Contacts
  • Clutch, Tote, Belt & Shoes – Always wear your bulkiest shoes on your journey if possible to save
  • Jewellery & Pashmina / Scarf

Tech Stuff – Have all of these items in easy reach for your journey.

  • Cellphone, Computer & Camera Chargers
  • International Adapters
  • Headphones


  • Passport & Identification – Make extra copies and stash these away in your tote & suitcase.
  • Wipes & Hand Sanitizer – They are many natural alternatives so choose something non toxic.
  • Prescription Medication With Doctors Letter
  • Tide Pen, Micro Sewing Kit & Fashion Tape
  • Umbrella & Sunhat

Optional Items – Depending on your destination.

  • Swimsuit, Beach Tote, Flip Flops & Workout or Yoga Clothes
  • Gloves, Scarf , Woollen Hat & Thermal Layers

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