Staying Active On The Go!

Loving this Spring weather and all the benefits it brings to living a healthy and active lifestyle for both myself and my family.

I’m sure some of the gym junkies can relate that as much as we love a good sweaty weight session indoors, it feels great to breath in the fresh air of the outdoors. This time of year is so great for getting outside and being active or even transferring your workouts to the patio floor. It might look different for everyone maybe jogging, swimming, walking, biking. My favorite thing to do is grab what I already have at home: my yoga matt, some weights and resistance bands take it to the backyard and get to work. I simply put some tunes on to get me going create a few different exercises, set a time limit and make it happen.

My main focus is to do interval training that will get my heart rate going. I make sure to include strength and stability exercises, core training and of course cardio. Even some of the most basic routines we know can be highly effective to staying healthy and fit. Some of my favorites include jumping jacks, high knees, jump squats, lunges and jump rope to name a few. When the kids are around you better believe they have their runners on and then join in. A great addition to our active lifestyle is when we jump on the trampoline all together. The kids absolutely love when I’m jumping with them.

Working out inside the gym walls is fantastic and will always be a love for me, but there’s something about the birds chirping, the sun shining and breathing in some morning air that helps uplift my spirit and add clarity to my overall well-being.

Don’t be afraid to switch things up or add something new into your active life. Healthy living is more than just a trend it’s a lifestyle.

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