Love Your Vibe

Happy Wednesday beauty!

Today’s message has been showing up quite a bit for my clients and I this week. Do you believe we need to be on friendly terms with everyone? One thing my beautiful tribe struggles with is ‘people-pleasing’ (Oprah calls it: ‘The disease to please’). At times we feel guilty when we draw a line in the sand…set clear boundaries…and stick to them. But honestly…do we really need to feel bad?

Good boundaries*….sensing deeply who deserves to be in our ‘Inner Circle’ and who we can have compassion for from a distance…is really key for long term happiness and great mental health.

By doing this, we get to keep our personal power…life is sweeter…and we manifest miracles big and small ☆If you honestly get an uncomfortable vibe around anyone on Social Media…and sense it really is not worth a conversation to clear the air…there is no reason you cannot remove them from your list. Trust your gut…it never lies.

I believe not everyone deserves to see what’s happening in your wonderful life. I actually did just that a few times this week. It feels very liberating and empowering. I think it’s imperative that heart-centred beautiful souls keep their personal power…as folks may try to steal their bright lights for themselves. Remember…saying NO to others…drawing clear boundaries…is saying YES to YOU beauty!

At Your Service, E

*P.S. Stay tuned for a very cool FREE tool I will be giving away soon to help you keep your personal power…it’s been a gamechanger for my clients & I for YEARS!

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