The Art of Mindful Eating

There are thousands of texts about food awareness available online, yet many people still forget how important it is to plan out their meals. Then there are people who do care about the quality of their meals, but they focus on the process of preparation so much that they forget to actually enjoy eating.

You can master the eating process. If you think that this claim is absurd, think twice. How many times a day do you eat? Probably at least three times, right? Now, convert this into the number of hours you spend preparing food, eating it, and then relaxing while food is being digested. Food plays an enormous part in our lives. Therefore, we must know how to enjoy it.

Plan Your Meals

First of all, start planning your meals. This will save you a lot of time that you regularly spend walking from one market to another not knowing what you are actually looking for. You will know the exact places you should go to, as well as what groceries to buy.

You can always rely on healthy ready meals prepared by professionals. This will help you to become more familiar with the quality of products you consume. Once you become fully aware of what you eat, you will notice how the content of your fridge gradually transforms.

Be Grateful For What You Have

You don’t need to pray before eating if praying is not your thing, but do be grateful for the fresh meals on your table because someone else can’t afford to have them.

This will make you appreciate the food much more and you won’t be throwing it away anymore. If you can’t eat the whole portion, there are at least three options that are better than throwing the food into a basket:

1. Put it away and eat later.

2. Ask the homeless guy on the street if he is hungry.

3. Give it to your dog or a cat.

Take Your Time During Meals

This is probably one of the hardest challenges of a modern man. People rush from one place to another forgetting that eating is at least as important as anything else on their schedule, if not more so. When you take the small bites of food, you significantly lower the possibility of choking. Also, make sure to chew your food thoroughly because this will speed up the digestion process.

Make It Enjoyable

If you are the type of a person who thinks that eating wastes your time, then you need to consider applying small changes to your eating habits.

You can definitely make eating more enjoyable by choosing the right place to eat, or by inviting your friends and colleagues to join you. In order to fall in love with food, you’ll need to avoid distractions. Having your smartphone or a TV near you makes focusing on the eating process very difficult.

Try to find an appropriate place to sit – preferably somewhere where it’s quiet and clean. Surround yourself with colleagues who don’t rush anywhere and actually love eating. On the other hand, if you prefer sitting alone, turn on your favorite music or pick up the book before you hit the eatery.

Take Time To Rest

Digestion is extremely important for your body. If you don’t take some time to rest after you finish the meal, you might feel heavy and slow for the rest of the day.

In a perfect situation, you’ll be at home after lunch, which makes resting much easier. However, on many occasions, you’ll be outside or at work, so you’ll have to improvise. If your business hours require you to return to work as soon as possible, then try to ensure that the chair in your office is comfy and spacious. You can also help yourself by taking as much water as you can before you start working again.

Mindful eating isn’t hard to practice. The one thing you can’t start without is your willingness to understand the importance of the newly found mindful approach to food. However, once you decide to change your eating habits, you’ll see how everything changes. You will choose smarter, feel healthier, and look better.

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