5 Closet Clean Out Tips

Most of us have clothes in our closet that we haven’t worn in several years, holding onto these items because they were expensive or we just need to lose a couple of pounds…… Sound familiar? I post articles all the time with tips to clean out your closet but despite all my good efforts there are still certain garments sitting there, probably more than I realized until Saturday night just passed. We were going to dinner at a friends home with other 2 couples, so eight of us altogether, 2 couples I had not met before. I find this type of occasion quite difficult to dress for, you don’t want to be under dressed but at the same time you don’t want to appear to over dressed either. Oh my goodness, I pulled out 3 outfits that I love…. well loved…..they didn’t work for various reasons. As I am rifling through the hangers, I realize that while 60% of my clothes are wonderful but there are 40% that I was holding on to for – I will wear that one day when I go to …… , or I need a such and such to wear with that, I actually don’t know why I was keeping a couple of garments but lastly there were a few things that I have had since before the birth of second son and I just didn’t want to admit they didn’t fit anymore. I try to keep in mind the “quality not quantity” type of wardrobe I want, so yesterday I cleaned out my closet from top to bottom, now I have a couple of bags of clothes to take to my local consignment store and several bags for Goodwill. If you’re about ready to clean out your closet or try out the capsule wardrobe trend, here’s 5 tips to get you started.

Clothing That Is Currently Too Small Or Too Large For You 

Waiting for the someday to lose weight to fit back into an expensive pair of jeans or a jacket is over, the same goes for the dress you purchased two sizes larger because it was designer and it was a deal. You need a wardrobe to wear now! It’s difficult to let go of clothing you love or spent a considerable amount of money on, remember to be realistic and ask yourself what makes them so special? Could you resell the item online or at a consignment store and use the money to purchase a new garment that fits you now?

Worn Out Lingerie

We are not referring to your very delicate lace brassiere and panties that are for special occasion dressing. This is about the stretched out t-shirt brassiere and matching underwear that have seen better days. Anything showing signs of obvious wear, stretched out, discoloured or anything worse must be discarded now. Over time our breast size and shape changes significantly, treat yourself to proper fitting with a consultant and invest in some new brassieres and matching bottoms. Remembering, correctly caring and laundering your lingerie lengthens its life considerably.

The Same Shirt / Dress In Multiple Colours

Purchasing the same shirt or dress in multiple colours. There are more options out there, duplicate pieces in maybe 2 colours like black or navy is understandable but more than that you are limiting your possibilities to creating new and individual outfits just for you.

Anything You Haven’t Worn In Over 12 Months

This is an interesting rule with changing seasons but if the outfit you once loved and wore on constant rotation is now abandoned and pushed to the back of your closet it’s time to go. All of us go through style changes, many pieces can still be versatile but if you’ve tried the garment in different outfits and still don’t love…let it go.

Garments That Need To Be Repaired And Haven’t

Garments that need to be repaired and are just sitting around gathering dust. If it’s been 6 weeks and it hasn’t been hemmed, or patched or had the zip replaced – you will probably never get it done. Keeping a lovely dress that you will never wear because the hemline is for a woman who is past 6 foot tall and your height is 5’6 in heels doesn’t make much sense. Do you love the garment?? Make an appointment and have the dress tailored for your height. Holding onto clothes that you don’t wear in already crowded closet makes no sense at all.

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