5 Items Fashion Girls Are Obsessed With This Spring & Summer

Despite all our love of fashion, we do know that sometimes it can get overwhelming. A new trend emerging seemingly every two weeks, runway models pulling off looks that you can only dream about, and all the new rules, designs, and colours that you’re supposed to match together into a coherent outfit – how’s a girl to keep up? Well, we’ll reveal a little secret: it’s all about focus pieces. You take one cool, beautiful garment, and then you find different ways to style it and show it off. You grab a trend that really calls out to you, and then you let accessories and your own creativity take your outfit to the next level. Want to know which items are all the rage for spring and summer 2018? Let us show you!

Sexy Jeans

This year, we’re going all in and playing around with the denim-on-denim trend. To pull it off, the most essential piece you’ll need is good spring jeans that fit you like a glove and make you proud of how your butt looks! Whether it’s a pair of skinnies or a straight-leg cut, it doesn’t matter as long as it looks good on your figure. Now, to style it, we recommend a denim jacket with a print, a crop top, and a pair of chucks or infamously popular dad sneakers – this will give you a real retro vibe. If you want something more modern, a pair of pink or white-coloured jeans will look cute as hell if you wear it with a little floral blouse and tie your hair with a scarf to keep it all feminine.

Fanny Packs

Used to look dorky, now it’s high-fashion. Figures, right? This trend has really transformed over the last few months, and designers are now making fanny packs that are downright gorgeous. Find dyed leather for a chic, elegant take on the trend, and feel free to wear it over any dress. Slung low on your waist or used as a clincher, it can give you a slight steampunk vibe if you pick brown leather. If you want something sporty, then a traditional fanny pack with a funky print should be your go-to. Wear it with jeans and tees, or with your favourite athleisure!

Pink Dresses

Pink is extremely popular for the warm months, but we have Aussies to thank for bringing in dresses into it. High heels and short cocktail dresses in Australia are a popular trend that we absolutely love, and bringing pink into the whole deal makes it even better. Not every bombshell dress needs to be red, you can live out your pink fantasy and pair your little cocktail dress with an interesting clutch and maybe some loose, messy curls for that ultra-feminine, sexy look. If you want something that’s a bit more casual than a cocktail dress, you can try finding a flowy, maxi dress and belt it at the waist, then pair it with some flats and a denim jacket and you’ll be ready for brunch with your friends.


There’s that never-ending athleisure that designers can’t seem to get enough of. This trend is growing and evolving because people seem to love it too much to let it go. And hey, it’s a really practical and comfy trend so we’re definitely not complaining! Now, a good tracksuit is one of the defining garments of the athleisure movement, and you can easily find something with a funky print and with vibrant colours that will make you look totally chic. The key to success here is combining this with elements of other trends, like denim. Your tracksuit bottoms will look great with a denim jacket, but you can also pair them with cute wedges and a crop top for something a little daring but still casual enough to wear through the day.

Vintage Florals

Dark florals are in, and we’re seeing a lot of fashionistas in some really cool, silky blouses with prints. Fashion can be an instant confidence booster, and these feminine blouses can be a really easy way to feel beautiful and look very stylish. Use vintage details like retro makeup looks, hair scarves, and A-line skirts to give your outfit more liveliness, and enjoy rocking some cool, flowery garments.

Find cool garments that scream your name when you see them in the store! These are some suggestions that are really easy to style, and super trendy for this season. Enjoy creating new looks!

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