Spring Cleaning Your Make Up Brushes

It’s time to come clean and keep things fresh. Spring time is a great reminder to get to some of the nitty gritties that we may neglect and that could be causing more harm than we realize. However, some tools need attention a little more frequently.

Skin irritation, breakouts, bacteria buildup and clogged pores to name a few are some side effects that come from make-up brushes and tool that are not regularly cleaned. Dirty brushes become dry and caked with old make-up and bacteria, which becomes a recipe palette for some serious nasties on our skin.

Cleaning your brushes regularly helps keep brushes soft and keep shape. It is more hygenic and avoids unwanted skin irritations. Clean brushes keeps them protected and allows for easier and much smoother makeup application.

Steps to cleaning your brushes:

1. Using like warm water get brushes wet.

2. Put a drop or two of gentle, chemical and toxic free cleanser in the palm of your hand. I Use Arbonne’s Calm Gentle Face Cleanser.  

3. Gently swirl around bristles in palm to remove all debris.

4. Rinse the bristles.

5. Squeeze out any excess water.

6. Reshape the brushes.

7. Allow ample time to dry before any application and do not leave on towel to dry. Either hang over counter or along a towel bar. This is to avoid the brushes losing their shape.

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