The bathroom used to be the “underdog” of home décor, valued only for its functionality. In the last couple of years this has significantly changed, as people are starting to invest more time, money and effort into making the bathroom a more appealing and spa-like environment. However, the bathroom is known to be a costly space to remodel and decorate, so many avoid these types of endeavors. While this is mostly true, there are ways to create a luxurious bathroom without going over your budget. Here are a few clever tricks you can use.

Choose Dark Colour Grout

Retiling the bathroom walls and floors is unparalleled when it comes to creating a polished, clean look, but it is often too expensive and time-consuming. The second best option is to re-grout the tiles to make the entire space look fresh. While white grout is the more common choice, dark-coloured grout (e.g. grey) makes the installation stand out, especially when it comes to the most popular and usually the most affordable tiles – ceramic subway.

An Eye-Catching Tile Moment

Tiles make up the prevailing part of bathroom design, and as such, they are usually the largest investment. As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, they can be rather expensive. To achieve a similar impact for lower price, you can install a “tile rug”. This means you just need a few square feet of large-format field tiles with an interesting design in the center of the room.

Look What’s Underneath

Projects like the previous one are a convenient time to check the condition of your pipes, especially if you haven’t remodeled your bathroom for ages. This can save you a lot of money in the future for other ideas you had in mind. Most pipe relining experts can do the job in just one day, and they can significantly improve the water flow and provide better protection and longer life expectancy for your pipes.

Beautify The Hardware

Who wouldn’t like a beautiful, expensive-looking custom vanity? The actual question here is, who could afford it? If you are not among the lucky few that can, you can simply update your unpretentious vanity with unique hardware (knobs and pulls). Specialty or vintage stores have plenty of such pieces at very fair prices.

Repurpose To Create Something Unique

Do you have any old piece of furniture that no longer serves its purpose but still looks nice? Or you pay regular visits to your local flea market and discover all sorts of treasures? Then all you need now are some DIY skills and basic tools to create a vanity that will make your entire bathroom come to life.

Splurge On The Centrepiece But With Caution

The bathtub is the most elegant, and therefore the most expensive item in the entire room. If you already have a bathtub that just needs a little upgrade, you can re-enamel it for a like-new condition and replace the faucet for some more luxury. Think about brass, copper or rose gold installations. If you are yet to purchase a tub, avoid upscale manufacturers and opt for local architectural salvage shops or Craiglist, where you can find affordable vintage tubs.

Create Ambiance With Light

Bathroom lighting is essential for functionality, but also for aesthetics. LED lamps around the mirror can contribute both to the ambiance of the room and to a more efficient use. However, the main star of a luxurious bathroom is the ceiling fixture, which could serve as a focal point if you play your cards well. Depending on the overall design, this attention-grabbing fixture can be a vintage chandelier or an industrial pendant lamp. Both of these pieces are something you can easily find on a flea market.

Accessorize Moderately

The most elegant bathrooms are minimalistic in terms of décor, which is great for you because you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. It is essential to have a lot of closed storage to hide things from plain sight. If you are going to keep your toiletries in the open, try to stick to a single line of products for a unified look. Houseplants that can tolerate the moist and dark conditions in the bathroom are welcome, as well as natural pieces made of stone, clay and wood.

As you see, although it is a bit challenging, it is entirely possible to make your bathroom look luxurious without overspending. Try out some of these tricks and you will not regret it.