How To Host A Perfect Spring Backyard Party

Have you ever wondered what most of the parties you have been at lacked to be perfect? The answer is so obvious – spring and backyard. In a world full of clubs and pubs, we sometimes forget that the coolest place to have fun was never actually that far from our couch. But, to have your family and friends truly enjoy the backyard party still requires some effort. While a beautiful sunny day and lots of positive vibes are the essentials, what should we add to our ‘must-have, must-do’ list in order to throw the unforgettable backyard party?

Clean And Green

If not even your wall calendar remembers the last time you cleaned your backyard, make sure you do it before inviting anyone. While your family and friends do love you and will for sure appreciate your good intentions, no one wants to spend hours sitting next to garbage bags or dog’s poop. Once the cleaning is done, you should trim your lawn next. If you are not a fan of this activity, make sure someone gives you a helping hand, or read useful tips on how to treat your lawn in order to have it in a perfect state before the guests arrive.

Go For Variety

It’s your party. So, yes, you should give it a personal touch and prepare the food you think has the highest chance to impress your guests. However, do keep in mind that it is probably much safer to have a variety of meals on the table because you can hardly please everyone with a single try. The more people you invite, the bigger the chances of someone being a vegetarian, hence the variety will only do you a favor. When it comes to drinks, follow the same variety rule. Be ready to prepare gallons of coffee in the first hour or two, but later on, you should surprise your guests. Serve a variety of spring cocktails or pour them some biodynamic wine. As the atmosphere heats up, your guests will spend more and more energy while having fun in the backyard, so provide as many bottles of sparkling water as you can. Fresh juices are definitely a must, especially if your guests bring their kids along.

Sing. Dance. Laugh.

It’s spring. There is a good chance everybody will choose to wear casual clothes, so consider having a dress code. Also, this could be a perfect opportunity for all of you to test just how talented you are at dancing. Then, sing and laugh as loud as you can. You don’t need to be in Mariah Carey’s league, so just relax. Your backyard – your standards! While you can always consider hiring a cool local band, outdoor speakers and a stereo will do the job as well. You may want to have a specific music theme for the occasion or research the types of music your guests prefer.

You. Yes, You!

Without a doubt, the planning process alone will exhaust and possibly even drain you to the maximum. However, in order to be able to host a perfect party, you must not be all over the place. While it’s important to maintain control over the whole event, remember to relax, smile and have fun. Spring parties should be all about funny, memorable moments.

Once you realize that hosting a party is both a chore and a pleasure, you will find the right balance between the two. The most important thing, however, is to be determined to have lots of fun in spite of all the little things that might happen in the preparation process, or during the party itself. Celebrate spring and have your backyard ready for the instaplace hashtag.

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