Kick Off Your Spring Cleaning

Spring was officially here on March 22, even though here in my little part of Canada the weather isn’t cooperating with the said season. I really don’t need an excuse to clean or purge extra items, but the start of spring always gives me a little bit more of a push along. If you read regularly you know that I have a designated donation box for items, a household cleaning schedule (I love the ease of a chore list & revel in the feeling of ticking it off) and a complete love of organization. These are my 3 top tips for kicking off your spring cleaning….

The Linen Closet

This is a space that is visited daily, can store many of items and one that can get messy and overpacked easily. Especially now with the change of seasons and packing way all the heavy winter quilts, blankets and flannel sheets. Remember before storing any quilts or blankets to launder and dry them throughly. For large bulky items I love using vacuum space saver bags, not only to save precious storage space but to keep items dust free. Any towels that have seen better days, are torn or stained need to move to the garage or rag bag to be used for cleaning. Sheets or towels that are still in reasonable condition you can also donate them to your local veterinarian clinic for wrapping up injured pets. For a simple & streamlined look fold or roll all of your towels, hand towels and face washes in one unified method. Keep family towels and guest towels on separate shelves. I store my linens by group king bed, queen bed and twin sheets separately in their particular sets. Try this – once the sheets are pressed, stack the folded fitted sheet on the bottom then the flat sheet and 3 pillowcases. Next open the 4th pillowcase and place the stacked sheets & cases inside and fold case up neatly. While this method is highly recommended I find the outside pillowcase becomes a bit crumpled so I prefer to stack my pressed sheets and pillowcases then bind to secure with a wide white grosgrain ribbon just like a present.

Front Hall Closet

I actually only wrote about the front hall closet recently in my post Have Your Home Guest Ready At A Moments Notice last week. Your front hall closet should be functional not filled with junk, all of your and your families assortment coats & shoes, the vacuum cleaner, old toys or any other paraphernalia. This closet is strictly for one coat / jacket & one pair of shoes per family member with plenty of empty space with coat hangers to accommodate guest items. Completely empty this closet, wash down the walls, vacuum the floors and ruthlessly purge this space. I always hang small sacks of cedar balls /chips and lavender sachets in this closet.

Bathroom Drawers

These drawers tend to be home for everything from make up & assorted beauty products to blowdryers & styling products with toothbrushes, mouthwash and medication all in the mix. In my home, my bathroom vanity / cabinet consists only of 4 large drawers, and I love the ease of pulling out the drawer and being to see everything in one quick glance. This is the perfect time to discard any expired items or those past their prime and cull any of those thoughtless pharmacy purchases which are just sitting there taking up valuable space. Because of the amount of humidity in your bathrooms from the hot water and steam, the shelf life of many products can be reduced. Also don’t forget, everyone needs a new toothbrush every 3 months or after a severe cold or throat infection. If you have new and unopened make up, beauty products and toiletry items that you don’t need – think of others and donate them to your local women’s shelter. Remove everything from the cabinet and drawers, throughly wipe down all the interior surfaces before returning and reorganizing your items, I love using clear acrylic boxes to group like products. I like to leave a little sachet of lavender in the drawers for that little burst of scent when sliding open.

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