Magnesium Replacement Therapy

I’m writing today about magnesium to highlight the importance of this essential mineral. Every client that comes to my office leaves with a natural, relaxing, magnesium-filled spray bottle. I’ve been using this form of magnesium for several years now! In fact, misting myself with magnesium is something I routinely do every night before going to bed.

I’ve seen amazing results and so have many of my clients. Magnesium helps you to sleep much better, and you experience fewer muscle aches and pains. Even my husband can’t go to bed without spraying magnesium on himself!

Transdermal magnesium therapy is a form of magnesium supplementation that’s easy, convenient and affordable. It’s very helpful for those seeking a safe method of increasing magnesium intake beyond that possible with oral supplements. It’s also an excellent choice for the many people who have a low tolerance for oral magnesium.

You don’t get diarrhea or other intestinal complaints with this form of magnesium.

Here are some of the benefits of using transdermal magnesium:

• Increased, restful sleep
• Reduced muscle aches, pains, cramping and spasms
• Healthy skin and reduced outbreaks of eczema and psoriasis
• Better relaxation and stress management
• Increased energy levels and improved mood
• Increased athletic performance

Magnesium deficiency may be the most common nutritional problem in the industrialized world today, yet magnesium is the single most important mineral for maintaining electrical balance in the body and a balanced metabolism.

We can all be affected by magnesium deficiency in some manner, so it’s important to understand why it poses a serious threat to your health and why common supplements often don’t help you. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms: low energy, sleeplessness, high stress, anxiety, joint and muscle pain, migraines, or chronic health issues? Well, magnesium deficiency may be contributing to your health issues!

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