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Happy Wednesday Beauty!

OK … so last Thursday was International Women’s Day ☆It was one of the best I have ever experienced personally…as my hubby brought home flowers for the first time ever in nearly 29 years of marriage ♡

Also, my very analytical & practical 23 year old son & his girlfriend each sent me sweet private messages…having never acknowledged this day before.

It’s a beautiful sign to me…that the worid is shifting. I sense the #metoo & #timesup have had a lot to do with women gaining more respect & appreciation. And that can only serve us ALL♡ Let’s make EVERY day ‘Women’s Day’…and how about we make it ‘Men’s Day’ too? I believe that when we truly learn to love & honour ourselves…we can love & honour others…and can eventually create ‘heaven on earth’!

Something worth striving for…don’t you think?

Here to serve you, E

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