Green Home And Sustainable Storage Solutions

If you’re really trying to make your house green, you must have already done a lot when it came to the choice of materials, energy-efficient appliances and insulation. However, have you considered your storage space? Yes, appropriate storage is also important if you want your home to be green. Things can be stored and organized in a safe and eco-friendly way, thus helping you achieve your ultimate goal. Unfortunately, there’s no universal solution when it comes to sustainable storage solutions, but there are quite a few guidelines you need to follow.

Material Used

To begin with, you need to consider the materials used to store products. As you probably know, most storage containers are made of plastic, which contains toxins and chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your home. Instead, you should choose natural, toxin-free materials. Not only will you keep toxins and chemicals away from your home, but you’ll also reduce the amount of plastic that will inevitably end up in a landfill.


Storage spaces don’t need to shine like Christmas trees and you don’t need to waste energy illuminating them. It’s enough to replace traditional bulbs with LED or CFL solutions and they’ll provide better coverage and definitely last longer, while using much less energy. If you wish, you might consider installing a motion sensor, which will make it possible only for the lights that are absolutely necessary to be turned on, while the areas that are not used can remain in the dark. Naturally, this is only logical if your storage space is large.

Removing The Clutter

You may think that this has very little to do with having a green storage space in your home, but the truth is somewhat different. Namely, if we don’t get rid of the clutter at home regularly, our living space decreases. Some of the items, like old, unused tools can even be potentially dangerous to our health, while on the other hand, we all know that the chances of attracting pests grow as we have more things scattered around the house. So, not only should we keep the place clean so that it looks prettier, but also because living in a mess can have negative effects on our health.

Go Up

If you make the most out of your storage space, you’re not only being efficient, but also economical. You don’t need to create additional storage space, which means you can utilize other rooms for something else. Luckily, there are many convenient shelving solutions with which you can make use of every inch of your storage space and keep your home better organized.


Instead of buying new products, look around and see if you have something that you no longer need, but what could be used as a container. For example, cube trays can hold paper clips and rubber bands, while egg cartons are perfect for keeping your holiday decoration until you need them. Coffee jars are another popular solution and people use them to keep nails and screws, but the secret is to clearly label each jar. Re-using the items you already have at home means you are reducing your waste, which is very important if you are dedicated to minimizing your impact on the environment. Almost everything eventually ends up in a landfill and by postponing that moment you’re helping our planet deal with all the negative effects we’ve created.

As you can see, even when it comes to storage space there’s something to be done which can help our home be greener and more eco-friendly. The fact that it’s not just the use of natural materials and exploitation of renewable sources of energy that makes a home green shows just how complex the issue of preserving our planet is. However, it’s our responsibility to do everything we can to save probably the only planet we and our children will ever live on.

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